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About us


Dwarf Animation Studio is a place of convergence between cutting edge technology and audiovisual media where computer generated animations are designed. Our people innovate in the art of storytelling by pushing the boundaries of their craft and bringing to life rich and immersive worlds. We foster a philosophy that brings together artists and technicians in a creative, innovative yet collaborative atmosphere. The work environment we’ve created focusses on learning and creative growth: Our teams continually enhance their individual development by following a wide range of training and masterclasses.

We believe that maintaining a strong creative culture and innovative spirit will help our employees realize all of our clients' amazing and fantastic ideas !

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Our services

For Producers and Creative partners

Dwarf Animation Studio provides a full animation service for producers and creative partners in its unique environment :
From the first conceptual drawing to the final rendered images, we pride ourselves on offering high quality storytelling techniques that answer our clients vision and the ever-growing challenges of the entertainment business.
Dwarf Animation Studio
has worked meticulously with each clients to bring their ideas to life and create unique high-quality animated content. 

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They trusted us

Our technology

Everything you need

There is only a handful of players in the field of animation able to combine artistic, technological, and organizational know-how to achieve premium quality deliveries. Dwarf Animation Studio has today been clearly identified as such a player by the market leaders. 
Since its creation in the summer of 2010, Dwarf has developed and implemented cutting edge technologies, integrating them within its strategy to push the boundaries of creation.

Our ambition is to accelerate Dwarf’s international development by becoming a world leader in the creation of high-quality content for the “Home Entertainment” and the Cinema industries.

A goal of excellence both technologically and artistically.

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We possess our own IT team, our own data center, as well as the ability to adjust and upscale our calculating capacity via a second physical site and a cloud. This allows us to guarantee data security for our customers.

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Our pipeline adapts to the artistic ambitions of our clients. This ability gives us great flexibility in production by adjusting the quality of the renderings. It also allows us to connect with other studios to reinforce other projects.

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More Green

Our ambition is to optimize our productivity for a reduced carbon footprint and a leaner, greener IT department. This environmental approach is intrinsically linked to our values. In fact, we have the honor of being certified by "eco prod" label.


Looking for a job or an internship?

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125 Imp. Adam Smith, 34470 Pérols, France

+33 4 30 00 52 25


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