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Department: Editorial
Division: Feature Film
Job: Film Editor

With the launch of its first feature film, Dwarf Animation Studio is currently seeking an experienced Film Editor.

Job Description

The editorial department will help shape the narrative and visual structure of the film, working closely with the story department, the Director and the Creative Producer. The editorial team will develop the meaning of the picture by mastering the three fundamental building blocks of Story, Sound and Visual, bringing emotional connection to the audience.

Essential Skills

Proven experience of film editing
Strong understanding of the story structure
Ability to work under the guidance of the Head of Story, the Editor and the Director
Excellent written and oral communication skills
Problems solver

Desirable Skills

  • Strong knowledge of computer editing software (Avid Solutions, Adobe Premiere Pro)
  • Experience in feature films, short film and/or TV
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strong creative mind
  • Strong organizational skills

Company Description

Dwarf Animation Studio is a place of convergence between cutting edge technology and traditional media where computer animation films are designed. We innovate in the art of storytelling by pushing the boundaries, inventing immersive and believable worlds.  We foster a philosophy that brings together artists and technologists in a creative yet collaborative environment.

How to Apply

Please complete our application form here: