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Department : Compositing
Division : Studio
Job : Compositing artist

Dwarf Animation Studio is currently seeking Compositing artists

Job Description 

At Dwarf, the Compositing Artist creates high quality shots by combining/integrating various layers of elements within the aesthetic and technical specifications of the project. He works closely with Lighters, FX and Digital Matte Painting Artists, the compositing artist reports to the Composting Supervisor and the Head of Department to guarantee the work is aligned with the studio orientation strategy and vision.

Essential Skills 

  • Excellent communication and organizational skills, and the ability to work well in a collaborative team environment
  • Strong understanding of color & lighting theory and visual structure
  • Deep knowledge of The Foundry's Nuke
  • Good understanding of 2D & 3D process and workflow
  • Strong eye and attention to detail 
  • Deep knowledge of Nuke's 3D space, camera projections and 2.5D environment
  • Good knowledge of photography, cameras, lenses, issues of perspective and parallax
  • Ability to follow production methodologies and develop creative approaches and problem solving
  • Willingness to accept direction, work well under pressure, multitask, be flexible and open to changes
  • To be efficient, reliable, self-motivated and passionate about the work

Desirable Skills

  • Knowledge of Python / TCL
  • Comfortable within Linux and shotgun environment
  • Proven experience in successfully prioritizing task in production environment 
  • Good lighting skills
  • Good roto, tracking and restore skills

Company Description

Dwarf Animation Studio is a place of convergence between cutting edge technology and traditional media where computer animation films are designed. We innovate in the art of storytelling by pushing the boundaries, inventing immersive and believable worlds.  We foster a philosophy that brings together artists and technologists in a creative yet collaborative environment.

How to Apply

Please complete our application form here :