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Department : R&D
Division : Studio
Poste : Developer Full Stack

Dwarf Animation Studio is currently seeking Developer Full Stack 

Job Description

We are currently seeking a full stack developer specialized in back-end to architect and develop pipelines’ micro-services. You will collaborate with other developers, devOps and support engineers to ensure smooth deployment and support of quality software.

Essential Skills

  • Strong technical background in a micro-services-based infrastructure and a good grasp of software engineering principles; Ability to develop software for large-scale services and systems;
  • Capacity to write clean and maintainable code that is suitable for continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD);
  • Ability to debug code, troubleshoots problems and develop solutions for production issues;
  • Knowledge of web frameworks such as django, flask, bottle, webapp2, sinatra, etc.
  • Knowledge of Message Brokers (RMQ/SQS), RDBMS (MySQL) and Caching technologies (Memcached/Redis);
  • Good in problem solving, designing, programming, and testing
  • Capacity to write professional RESTful APIs

Desirable Skills

  • Experience working with deployment and orchestration of micro-services (Kubernetes or/and Docker Swarm);
  • Knowledge of GRPC; REST; Python; NodeJS
  • Experience with MongoDB, Cassandra, ElasticSearch...
  • Experience with Docker.
  • Experience with writing tests.

Company Description

Dwarf Animation Studio is a place of convergence between cutting edge technology and traditional media where computer animation films are designed. We innovate in the art of storytelling by pushing the boundaries, inventing immersive and believable worlds. We foster a philosophy that brings together artists and technologists in a creative yet collaborative environment.
Our Engineers are committed to developing state-of-the-art software solutions to advance the ever-growing challenges in computer animation, they are responsible for analyzing production procedures and problems, evaluating the effectiveness of existing solutions, making recommendations to improve quality, efficiency, and workflow. This is an opportunity to join a small and highly innovative crew working on studio pipeline.

How to Apply

Please complete our application form here: