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Job : Lead Animator

The Character Lead reports to the Head of Animation.

Job Description

The Character Lead works closely with the Character TDs, the Animation Director and other Character Leads to ensure the performance requirements of the character work with the rig and tools.  Also ensure ongoing communications with the Character TD’s to make sure the process runs smoothly.

Essential Job Responsibilities:


  • Interact with Director to help define the acting requirements on both a sequence and shot basis.
  • May animate key shots within the sequence that help to define the acting and are an inspiration for other shots within the sequence.
  • Participate in animation reviews and meetings (dailies, walk-throughs, pre-production meetings, blocking meetings, editorial meetings, etc.).
  • May be in charge of a side character of the movie, or help a supervising animator on a hero character.


  • Work closely with Rigging, Head of Character Animation, and Supervising Animator(s) to ensure the performance requirements of the character work with the rig and tools.


  • Appropriately elevate issues and solutions to Production Management effectively.  
  • Work closely with the Supervising Animator and Production Supervisor in the management of the department.
  • Work with the Supervising Animator and Production Supervisor to hit sequence deadlines and ensure the quotas are met for both shots and sequences.
  • Mentor Animators to provide guidance, experience and insight.
  • Ensure open lines of communication with other departments and department heads.

Professional Experience

  • At least one previous production as a Lead
  • Experience of 5 or more years in CG animation production for television, film, games or visual effects
  • Additional experience in computer modeling and character rigging a plus
  • Demonstrated expertise in the following: animation, rigging, sketching and/or drawing skills
  • Strong working knowledge of Maya

Additional Qualifications / Knowledge

  • Outstanding understanding of character shape, composition, physical motion, weight and balance
  • Experience defining and expressing the character profiles to the team
  • 2D animation skills will be taken into consideration
  • Good understanding of 3D computer graphics theory and practice
  • Advanced English level required
  • French language, a plus
  • Sense of humor required

How to Apply

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